Neka Art Gallery

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The pioneer of Bali's first fine art galleries, Neka Art Gallery is situated in the heart of Ubud and is the best location to view and buy some of the finest art created by Balinese, other Indonesian, and foreign-born artists who have been influenced by the mystique and magic of Balinese art and culture. Why is it referred to as the pioneer fine art gallery? This is due to the fact that high quality paintings are sold here in the beginning of 1970, particularly contemporary paintings.

0perated by Pande Wayan Suteja Neka and Ni Gusti Made Srimin  since 1966 until 2018, this low-key gallery is a separate entity from the other museum bearing Neka’s name, Neka Art Museum. The location of the museum is different from the location of the gallery. Neka Art Gallery is located at Jalan Raya Ubud No. 1 Ubud Village  and Neka Art Museum are at Jalan Raya Sanggingan No. 10 Kedewatan Village .

In 2018 management was handed over to Pande Made Kardi Suteja and Putu Ayu Laksmi Kardi who then carried out building renovations and made changes to the management of the showrooms and collections.
This renovation was carried out on the initiative of Pande Made Kardi Suteja with his wife Putu Ayu Laksmi Kardi after receiving the blessing of his parents as the founder of Neka Art Gallery.

Existing buildings were redesigned and their layout made to suit the layout of the Balinese compound where there are Bale daja, Bale dangin, Bale dauh and Bale delod.

So apart from being a place for ceremonies, the Balinese compound building can also be a show room for visitors to add insight about Balinese architecture and  fine art of Balinese painting, Indonesian paintings and art by artists from abroad.


This gallery has selected paintings from all art works by Balinese artists, Indonesian artists, Asian artists as well as European born artists such as Arie Smit. Natural beauty, people and culture of Bali inspire the paintings.



Originally known as Neka Art shop, the art shop  sold art works of local artists. The name Neka was taken from art shop’s father who was a known wood sculptor.  The Garuda Bird, which serves as the gallery's mascot, was one of I Wayan Neka's masterpieces. It was a monumental work of art that elevated Neka's name to the international world.



Young Artist Style Painting


Kamasan Classical Wayang Style Painting

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Art by Artists from Abroad


Ubud Style Painting


Contemporary Balinese Painting


Art of Arie Smit


Batuan Style Painting

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Contemporary Indonesian Painting


Keris and Wastra